Recently, WHO Director-General Tedro Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated that the World Health Organization warns that the threat of "another new pathogen with even more lethal potential persists and therefore calls on the international community to 'prepare' for the possibility of new pandemics". se ‘prepare’ para la posibilidad de nuevas pandemias”.

As we know, in most cases pandemics are based on airborne diseases (including Covid 19, all types of influenza and many others), as they are the most contagious. With these diseases, just being in the same room with sick people is enough to contract a dangerous pathogen. Indeed, enclosed spaces are the "breeding ground" for disease.

In this case, how can we prepare for new pandemics?

Surely state governments, as on the last occasion, will have to put the operation of hospitals into emergency mode, limit the movement of people, move the work of companies to online mode, and so on.

But as we all know from experience, it is impossible to completely avoid crowds of people in a single closed place, be it a supermarket or a hospital, even with the strictest measures. And in this case there is only one possibility left to minimize the likelihood of virus transmission: disinfecting the air in enclosed spaces.

And today we have such an opportunity: these are the "Desair" air disinfection devices. They are based on a technology that can be called "solar technology": by passing air through them, these devices completely destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi using short ultraviolet rays (UV-C). In addition, the devices are designed to be absolutely safe for humans and animals. Their 99.99% efficacy has been confirmed by the most prestigious and reliable laboratories on several continents: Europe (SPAIN - INDUSTRIAL LAB R.REIG, S.L. and candelTEC S.L.P.), Asia (Thailand - Mahidol University, National Laboratory, Animal Center) and South America (Costa Rica - Centro de Investigación y de Servicios Químicos y Microbiológicos CEQIATEC and Republica de Colombia - Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos - INVIMA). And their price is affordable even for the average citizen.

In fact, these machines can provide invaluable help in the fight against pandemics. The most important thing is to take advantage of this help.

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