The Christmas holidays in Spain have been overshadowed by the wave of swine flu. Thousands of people went to medical centers, causing the health system to collapse. The situation is so serious that the government is asking the autonomous regions to introduce the obligation to wear masks in hospitals and medical centers.

In Europe and worldwide, the activity of the influenza virus is also increasing and is reaching its peak.

As we all know, many bacterial and viral diseases, including influenza, are airborne. The likelihood of transmission is especially high in enclosed spaces where people stay for long periods of time. This is where most virus transmission occurs.

Is it possible to avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of infection in such places? YES!

Today there are technologies that not only capture, but completely destroy viruses and bacteria. These are, for example, the Desair air disinfection devices, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by prestigious laboratories in Europe, Asia and South America and is 99.99%. With the help of these devices, the air in any enclosed space becomes clean after only 30 minutes of operation, whether it is a hospital, a school or a gymnasium. And consequently, the likelihood of contracting any airborne diseases is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the technology is absolutely safe for both people and animals.

So there is possibility and opportunity. They just have to be used.

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