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Air purifiers How do they work?
FAQs about air purifiers, the technology that makes them work and what they are for.


What technologies are applied in the different air purifiers?

There are different technologies on the market. But without a doubt, the most powerful and widely proven technology over the years as a disinfection element is UV-C ultraviolet light.

Are purifiers safe? Are there any contraindications to its use?

DESAIR purifiers are completely safe for people and animals and do not produce harmful effects on them. Our devices do not emit UV-C radiation to the outside, nor do they cause the formation of Ozone. Contraindications to its use have not been established.

What is the difference between a HEPA filter and a UV-C air purifier?

The big and most important difference is that HEPA filters DO NOT ELIMINATE pathogens, they just filter. And the air purifiers DESAIR does not need to filter, they directly ELIMINATE pathogens in a matter of minutes.
Comparison table of Desair and Hepa filter

What level of noise do the purifiers produce during operation?

The sound generated by the purifiers does not exceed 40 dB. It is not higher than the noise that most air conditioning models can generate.

How long can the purifiers be running?

The purifier can be running continuously, for the time necessary for indoor air disinfection. In fact, we recommend continuous operation during the day, thus reducing the possibility of disease transmission.

Models Desair
FAQs about Desair and its disinfection devices.


How often should the filter be changed?

It is recommended to replace the filter once every 3-6 months, depending on the level of contamination of the room where the device is installed. Simultaneously with the replacement of the filter, it is recommended to disinfect the lower protective grid and the filter holder grid. The filter is optional and is installed at the discretion of the user. The use of filters ensures the reduction of dust from the germicidal ultraviolet lamps and from the internal surface of the irradiation chamber.

Are users exposed to UV radiation?

One of the main safety indicators in the use of DESAIR purifiers is the absence of ultraviolet radiation to the outside. The purifier has been designed with a kind of special labyrinths, located at the entrance and exit of the irradiation chamber, which completely prevent the leakage of ultraviolet radiation to the outside.

Do the lamps installed in DESAIR purifiers cause ozone formation?

Previously, all the lamps that were used for the disinfection of premises caused the formation of ozone in the air. In the newly designed UV lamps (PHILIPS Holland and OSRAM Germany), which are installed in DESAIR purifiers, this effect is absent. Special glass is used for its manufacture, which has a high transmittance of bactericidal ultraviolet rays, and at the same time absorbs radiation below 200 nm, which forms ozone from the air.

How to choose the right purifier?

Para la elección correcta del purificador, es necesario guiarse por varios parámetros importantes, como el tipo de local, el volumen de este y el rendimiento del purificador. Para diferentes tipos de locales, los requisitos para el manejo y desinfección del aire son diferentes. Podemos ayudarle a elegir el modelo que necesita.

How many years warranty does the equipment offer?

The equipment has a 2-year warranty, it also has an after-sales service.

What type of maintenance does the equipment need?

Maintenance is virtually nonexistent and very cheap. Any user can perform maintenance. Change the filter every 3-6 months and change the lamps every 9000/18000 hours.

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