Calculator of devices and time for disinfection of premises

Fill in the following form and you will receive in your email the calculation of how many devices you will need to disinfect your premises or space. In addition to how long it will take to completely disinfect the air.

Below we include the reference table so that you know which category/type of premises yours belongs to.

    Model Type of premises Germicidal efficacy (%) Duration (h) Room volume Quantity Precio Price
    Model D2
    Model D3
    Model D4
    Model D5
    Model D7
    Model D50

    Reference table for types of premises:

    Germicidal efficacy Type of premises Medical-sanitary facilities Others
    99,90% 1 Operating room, preoperative room, delivery room, sterilization center, incubators.
    99,00% 2 Treatment unit, rooms and rooms for patients with immunodeficiency, resuscitation room, intensive care rooms, laboratories, blood transfusion room, pharmaceuticals, dentists Factories for the production of food, meat products and sausages, fish and seafood products, preservation of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, production of milk derivatives, pastry and confectionery products, prefabricated products, production of beverages, prefabricated meat, fish and vegetables, purees and baby food.
    95,00% 3 Patient rooms, offices and CAP (not included in type 1 or 2), medical consultation room. Packaging warehouses for prepared and perishable products, beauty centers.
    90,00% 4 Institutions of preventive medicine. Games rooms, classrooms, nurseries, offices, offices, hotels, hairdressers, pharmacies.
    85,00% 5 Public toilets, shops, food processing plants, kitchens, canteens, bars, restaurants, laundries, warehouses, gyms, living quarters.
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