Today is World Tuberculosis Day. 

Tuberculosis remains one of the deadliest infectious diseases. Every day, it claims the lives of more than 4,100 people and nearly 30,000 contract this preventable and curable disease. To eradicate tuberculosis, all sectors must act in concert. On World TB Day, the World Health Organization is calling on everyone - individuals, communities, societies, donors and governments - to do their part to achieve this.

DESAIR is a preventive measure that is 99.99% effective in preventing the spread of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is caused by the tuberculosis bacterium. It is transmitted to people through airborne droplets. The causative agents of tuberculosis are mycobacteria, acid-fast bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium. The bacteria become airborne when a person with pulmonary tuberculosis is infected by coughing, talking or sneezing. If you are nearby, you can breathe in these bacteria and become infected. 

The disease is most common in children and adolescents and there is still no effective anti-TB medicine in the world. For your own protection, you should take preventive measures to protect yourself against getting the disease.

There is a solution and it has already proven effective in preventing the spread of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) in the air: DESAIR equipment with UV technology.

The disease is easier to prevent than to cure, and even more so in the case that tuberculosis cannot be cured. 

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