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Desair dota de Purificadores de aire al  Hotel Salut Catalonia Barcelona 505

El Hotel Salut Catalonia Barcelona 505, ( C. Muntaner 505 ) is managed by the Barcelona Consortium (el Consorci de Barcelona), specifically by a team of 4 nurses and 10 Technician in Auxiliary Nursing Care (TCAIs) who belong to Health Care Center (CAP) in Besòs. To date, 293 people have attended, the first of them on August 12, 2020. 

The function of the Health Hotels is to care for people who have been discharged from the hospital but who require acute care and cannot return home. 

The Hotel Salut Catalonia, which continues in operation, has acquired different air purifiers to guarantee the disinfection of the air in its facilities and in this way preserve the health of everyone in the hotel, be they healthcare personnel, patients, or providers.

On this occasion, the Hotel Salut has equipped itself with the Desair D-4 portable equipment with a capacity of up to 200m3, 99.99% effectiveness, and no installation required.

Desair D-4-Purificador de Aire Móvil

In this way, at Desair we continue in our firm intention of offering the market a solution based on the most reliable technology such as UV-C (Ultraviolet Light).


  1. Alejandro Rodríguez
    20 de June de 2021 at 14:11

    Mas info..por favor..

    1. Óscar
      21 de June de 2021 at 10:38

      Hola Alejandro,
      Gracias por tu interés.

      Si quieres ser distribuidor deberías completar el siguiente formulario :
      Si solo quieres información sobre los modelos para tus instalaciones, contacta a través o telf . +34 633402640


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