FO ENTERPRISE HOLDING, nuevo distribuidor de los purificadores desair.

At Desair, we continue with our commitment to expand and that our air disinfection solutions through our Purifiers, Sterilizers with UV-C technology, are in the maximum possible places, promoting healthy spaces.

For our Objective to be achieved, we need to do it hand in hand with our Partners, who assure us coverage in the different markets, as well as the guarantee of their services, professionalism and good work.  

It is for this reason that we are proud to present FO Enterprise Holding, as the official and exclusive distributor of Desair for Morocco.    

FO Enterprise Holding is a group of companies specialized in the development of first-rate international products, projects and services. It was created by a team with more than 23 years of experience that seeks to provide high-end services focused on: project development, provisioning of the areas of public infrastructure, urban and real estate development, international development and expansion of companies and products, international trade of food, medical products and supplies for the industry.

We hope that together with FO Enterprise Holding, more distributors can join and together we can contribute to improve an aspect that had always been essential although we were not as aware as we are now and that is that air is a non-negotiable resource.

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