Another important result in 2021 was the fact that we achieved a 24-hour shipment of merchandise from Barcelona, Spain.

In December, we had shipments to many countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, and Morocco, as well as to many final customers in Europe. Thanks to exclusive contracts with transport companies and the work of our warehouse staff, we can honestly state that our air disinfection equipment has been shipped from our warehouse within 24 hours per unit and on pallets. Thus our distributors and clients will soon receive DESAIR air disinfection equipment, despite the vacations and the many difficulties on the trade routes.

At DESAIR, we not only care about the quality of our product, but we also offer a high service to our customers. In this regard, we have moved to a new warehouse to expand our storage capacity, as we have many distribution orders for 2022, including large shipments for exclusive distributors.

We would like to thank the staff of our logistics department for their quality work in 2021 and for achieving these results.

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